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Gabriel Martino, the Chief Executive Officer of Serengeti Building Group, is a visionary entrepreneur guided by the principle of "Appreciate people." Utilizing his background in investments and distinctive qualities of sales and operations, he fostered connections within construction, manufacturing and building products sector.


Martino's people-first philosophy continues to drive the success of Serengeti Building Group, with brands like Granite Works, Kitchen Techniq, and Direct Closets excelling in construction solutions for their clients. His journey exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a genuine appreciation for the individuals who contribute to the company's success.

My Story

Gabriel Martino is a dynamic leader at the helm of Serengeti Building Group (SBG) as Chief Executive Officer. His entrepreneurial journey is driven by a core principle: valuing people above all else. With a keen eye for opportunity, Gabriel has steered SBG to new heights, acquiring and revitalizing businesses like Granite Works and Kitchen Techniq. The latest addition, Direct Closets, underscores his commitment to offering top-notch American-made products for businesses, homeowners and government.

Gabriel's hands-on approach, coupled with his wealth of experience, empowers each SBG entity to realize its full potential. His inclusive leadership style fosters innovation, paving the way for sustainable success across the board. Under his guidance, brands like Granite Works, Kitchen Techniq, and Direct Closets thrive, delivering premier surfaces, cabinetry, custom closet solutions and construction services.

Beyond the boardroom, Gabriel remains deeply engaged in community initiatives. As Board member for

the Public Works Experience Museum and Treasurer for the Manufacturing Innovation Hub Cooperative,

he continues to make meaningful contributions outside of his corporate endeavors.

A devoted family man, Gabriel cherishes time with his wife and their two children—a son and a daughter. When he's not leading SBG or engaging with his community, you'll likely find him on the soccer field in Fairfax County Coaches' League with his team the Royals or enjoying a round of golf, softball game, or fishing excursion.

Gabriel's academic journey includes a BA in Finance from Howard University and a Master of Finance from York University's Schulich School of Business in Canada. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he honed his skills in investment banking and project financing with leading corporations across North America and the Caribbean. A proud alumnus of prestigious programs like the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, bETA (Entrepreneurship through Acquisition), and the Building for Growth Program, Gabriel's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to growth continue to inspire those around him.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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